Centurion Resurrection at The Steampunk Film Festival NY

1973314_301589946654704_302704189_o 10256945_352913108189054_1659711306034805265_n 10271597_348101615336870_5559738007745289025_n 10407366_343592029121162_7888951287704769435_n 10517479_351100285037003_7280771701134854594_n 11188417_478107022336328_8386407104821298247_n 11891201_527415957405434_3127592023898585390_n 11949332_527415917405438_8235300282721086914_n logoNew York loves Centurion Resurrection Our film will be playing at The New York Steampunk Film Festival on Nov 20, 2015. Films will be shown at Lovecraft Theater in Manhattan. Lovecraft is voted best new venue by New York City’s Thrillest, Village Voice, and Time Out New York. State of the art projection system, sound system, and theater.


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